Speedbar PRO

Configure to your taste

In the video below you'll discover everything you need to know to order your Speedbar Pro.
Available from €1999,-

ORdering your speedbar PRO.

In our explainer video we take your trough the proces of ordering your Speedbar Pro.
Configure your speedbar PRO

Enhancing the latest 3d printing technologies

Why speedbar pro


When we talk about shaving off seconds, this is the game changer. Speedbar supports every bit of you and not just a few contact points.

3d printing technologies

By harnessing advanced 3D printing technology, we can now produce our patented handle bar add-ons, making them available to every cyclist.


From your elbow up to your fingers, you are locked into and one with Speedbar; This added support offers superior control and handling.

custom 3d printed interfaces for optimal aero position


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